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5 Tips on Discount Travel

Are you really passionate about travelling but want to find ways to do it in a more cost effective way? Below are 5 tips on discount travel to consider when trying to travel for less.

  1. Look for alternative flights to your destination. Rather than a direct flight, look for flights that include 1-2 stopovers – these tend to be a much cheaper ways to travel.
  2. Consider looking at vacation rentals or renting an apartment or house. If you trip is more than a few days to a week, check into renting an apartment or house. There are lots of vacation rentals available all over the world. Vacation rentals are often cheaper than staying at a hotel for longer trips. An additional advantage is that you can cook your own food (see tip 3), giving you even more savings!
  3. Rather than eating out, shop like you do at home. Go to the grocery store for some of your meals. This will help reduce your food costs. Many hotels have a refrigerator, so get some fixin’s for breakfast and lunch such as cereal, bread, sandwiches, salad mixes. Pickup some healthy snacks that will help fill you up and sustain you on your outings such as granola bars, protein bars, hummus and pita chips. If you do eat out, try to eat in local restaurants rather than the hotel. Doing the aforementioned  will help you save money on your trip.
  4. Flexibility is key to a more affordable vacation. Do some research prior to your trip and determine what are the local commodities that are easily found and abundant. For example, perhaps you are traveling in the Caribbean where bananas are abundantly grown and, therefore, cheaper to buy than an apple, eat a banana rather than paying more money for a more expensive fruit. Maybe you like vodka, but are, in Jamaica, rum is abundant and cheap! Drink rum rather than vodka!
  5. Stay put! Vacations often include running from one location to another, trying to see all that a country or location has to offer. Consider staying local and immersing yourself in the local community. You will certainly find amazing people and places filled with local lore and flavor, right outside of your door (hotel or vacation rental). You can always come back to a location, so pick just a few excursions to experience each trip rather than all of them in one vacation.



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